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I travel to Utah every year sometimes twice a year. Almost every time I go, I stop by and hike around in the Arches National Park. I have been there 8 times now and I would have to say it is my favorite National Park in America. Most of the time I travel alone but I have taken my wife with me twice and a group of friends with me one year to share the experience I enjoy the most.

To me the Arches along with the Canyonlands National Park is my favorite place on earth. It’s surreal landscape represents what the west is all about.

I remember my first trip here back in 2000. I was so unprepared for what I was about to experience. Both in photo expectations and camping gear. I was here in mid April and was hit with 80 degree weather for the first few days then a sleet storm for my last two days here.

My first time up Delicate Arch was a memorable experience. Severely sunburned and dehydrated, I trudged up to the Arch with 50 pounds of camera gear and not enough water. I was met half way by an old man coming down. In a pathetic voice I asked him how much further it was. He was walking with a cane and said “Hell son if I can make you can make it”. He hit the side of his leg and it was a wooden leg. The old man had hiked up there with a wooden leg. I couldn’t believe it. But I admired his tenacity and thought when I get to be his age I want to be just like him and still be coming out to these places to hike and take photographs.

Other trips I have enjoyed a lot of off-roading and mountain biking at near by Poison Spider Mesa. I have spent a lot of time in Moab and enjoy the great restaurants in the area. I know it will be my last good meal for a while since I survive on MRE’s and beef jerky for the most part on my trip here.

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