Abandoned Locations in Texas


Chata Ortega’s Bar & Grill

Many weekends are filled with hours on the back roads of rural Texas. Its pretty common to spend 8 hours traveling in either direction for abandoned locations in Texas for one night photo and then return home. But the places etched in time are worth the effort with night skies away from most light pollution. The above shot is the Abandoned Chata Ortega’s Bar & Grill near Toyah, Texas.

Location: 31°21’02.2″N 103°42’45.8″W

Charlotte’s Farm

Many places are on private property. And we always like to get permission first. One place in particular the land owner gave us permission to explore we call Charlotte’s Farm. A pretty vast acreage of abandoned farm houses and cars litter this area. We have gone back to this location 4 times now. Some in the summer, some in the winter months. But always have to be on the lookout for snakes.

Lake Pauline Powerplant

I was lucky enough to catch this old art-deco looking power plant just before it was demolished. Traveled here two different times. The […]