White Pocket Arizona


White Pockets Arizona

This was my second trip out to go see white pockets. The write up below the gallery was from my first trip to see it back in 2003. I followed a different route this trip. The previous trip I used the same route you would if you were going to see Coyote Buttes South. Since then, conditions have deteriorated once you get past the main junction. You will still have a lot of deep sand, and you will still need a 4WD with high clearance. Directions to White Pocket are written below along with a map.

Lucky for us, it had been raining a lot, which helps tremendously in deep sand, so much so this trip was the easiest I have ever done. But the newer route even the park rangers are suggesting will be challenging for people who are not familiar driving in deep sand.

The weather systems made for some tremendous atmospherics for photography. As you can see from the shots below, most are from the latest trip we made over the Memorial Day weekend. During very heavy […]