Traveling California Pacific Coast Highway 1


New images are up along with GPS coordinates of some good photographic spots along the California Coastline, Pacific Coast highway 1. Some are common and some are not. I had only 5 days to scout the area for another upcoming trip but came away with a lot of great images.

Areas I got to photograph were areas around San Francisco at night, Bowling Ball Beach, Mendocino, Goat Rock State Park, Coastal spots north of Bodega Bay, McWay Falls, Big Sur, Pfeiffer Beach and the coastline around Santa Cruz.

McWay Falls was the real highlight of the trip as I ended this journey, getting very clears skies that evening and on into the night. I then went back to Pfeiffer Beach for more night shots, but the fog was starting to roll in and obscure the night sky.

Bowling Ball Beach was one of my main focal points on this trip. Unfortunately as I flew in the previous night, I spent too much time photographing areas in San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. As time was […]