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Old Church of Picher Oklahoma


Spent the weekend doing night photography and time lapse in northern Oklahoma. This old church is in Picher Oklahoma as the title says. Most of this town is gone. A modern old ghost town and I really do not know how much longer this church will be standing.

Once a bustling mining town, the lead contamination left overs has cause the area to be listed under the Superfund clean up site. And most of what you will see here in this town are old slab foundations and gutted buildings.

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Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls


Over the summer, I spent 12 days exploring the numerous waterfalls along the Columbia River on both the Washington and Oregon side. First waterfall I explored was Panther Creek Falls, which is a 130-foot waterfall on Panther Creek in the Wind River Valley in Skamania County, Washington. I arrived here very early in the morning and scramble down the step cliff. The coordinates are 45°52’01.2″N 121°49’43.5″W, and was very easy to find. There are two waterfalls in this location and you just need to be careful since the some of the trail is steep and slippery in a few places. But is a must see waterfall on the Washington side of the gorge.

Lower Lewis River Falls

Located here 46°09’16.4″N 121°52’49.1″W, Lower Lewis River Falls is a 200 ft wide cascade. Directions: From Cougar, Washington drive east on Highway 503 for about 33 miles to the campground. Just past the Pine Creek Information Center the highway intersects with Forest Road 25. Keep right at this intersection and stay on Highway […]

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