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Return to Shiprock New Mexico


Photographing Shiprock in New Mexico was great to be out here all alone all night and into sunrise. Hard not to have a shot of American Southwest Landscape photography collection without a shot from Shiprock New Mexico. I have used this image many times now with other illustrations, and book covers. It continues to be one of my favorites. Looks like my plans have changed for the Christmas and New Years photography workshop. So I will be heading back out to the desert southwest again for winter hikes at night.

On one of my trips here,  I did this over winter endured -15 degrees and 40 mph winds. Lots of snow and blew out a transmission. But with all the images I came away with from that trip, I would have done it again. Luckily the transmission left me stranded at the end of the trip. But since then I have stopped by this place several times now on my way home and got some great drone footage.

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The Chalk Pyramids and Monument Rocks in Kansas


I got to spend Halloween way out in far western Kansas this past weekend at The Chalk Pyramids and Monument Rocks. This was my second trip out there. The first trip was during the summer months on a moonless night to photograph the milky way. For lighting up the rocks we used plain old Coleman lanterns. We spent two nights out there photographing as much as possible.

During our second trip, we had planned on doing a nice photography workshop out of Dallas Texas and go first to Lighthouse rock formation at Palo Duro Canyon. Then head to Monument Rocks in Kansas the next day. But it was turning into an overcast day there so we decided to head on into Kansas.

We had a half moon which is perfect to help light the landscapes without the need of all the lighting gear I carry with me. We spent the first part of the night shooting stills and then set up the cameras to shot time laps and got a lot of good shots with start trails.

It’s a nine hour drive to reach the Monument Rocks National […]

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New Mexico Landscapes, The Badlands


Over Labor day weekend I put on a Photography workshop out of Dallas Texas and took a group of photographers on a 13 hour drive to the Badlands of New Mexico. Our destination was The Ah-shi-sle-pah Badlands, The King of Wings and Aztec Arch also known as Cox Canyon Arch in north central New Mexico.

We had some nice clouds for a good sunset, and since I was not real happy with my shots at sunset during my first trip to Ah-shi-sle-pah, we headed there first and shot on into the night. We were smart and breadcrumber our way from the car with glow sticks so we could find our way back easily. But I also had a GPS as well as night vision, so I was not too worried. But for those of you who might not have night vision or a GPS, glow sticks are a pretty smart idea to use if your out at night.

Alien City, New Mexico Badlands

Next we did a short drive out and hiked to […]

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Some of My Own Canyonlands Travels, The Needles District


I have traveled to the Canyonlands National Park now 5 different times. My first trip I was like the rest of the tourists and only visited Island in the Sky. A big disappointment when you get back and find out what you missed by not going to the Needles District. But my next trip I spent a lot of my time in the Needles District. I had just bought a Trooper 4×4 and was ready to do some major offroading and explore the renown Elephant Hill.

I was alone this trip for two weeks. And looking back at some of the stunts I pulled on this trip I can truly say I was an idiot. You should not climb slick rock in a car alone. But I did it anyway and was lucky. Over 1,000 miles away from home and no spare parts for my truck I truly tested my limits going over the Elephant Hill and other areas like the Colorado River Overlook and Horse Canyon. There were several times I had to get out to see how to navigate […]

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Vila Velha State Park – Brazilian Landscapes


The Vila Velha State Park, near Ponta Grossa, Brazil, is famous for its strange prehistoric looking limestone sculptured rocks. Nick named the “lost stone city,” sentinel-like sandstone figures resembling animals, humans and other shapes that can been seen in these unique formations. The strange rock formations are the result of sand deposits from when glaciers covered the area between 300 and 400 million years ago.

We stopped here on our way back from Iguazu Falls to Sao Paulo and stayed in the town of Ponta Grossa for the night. At the crack of dawn, we drove to the park only to be disappointed that they did not open until 8:30am. Seems all the parks I visited are not photographer friendly. Open at 8:30 and close at 6pm. This ruins the red warm light I am always looking for with my photography. But luckily we had thick fog that morning which made for some interesting photos. And I was still able to get some of the warm morning light after […]

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Old Church of Picher Oklahoma


Spent the weekend doing night photography and time lapse in northern Oklahoma. This old church is in Picher Oklahoma as the title says. Most of this town is gone. A modern old ghost town and I really do not know how much longer this church will be standing.

Once a bustling mining town, the lead contamination left overs has cause the area to be listed under the Superfund clean up site. And most of what you will see here in this town are old slab foundations and gutted buildings.

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Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls


Over the summer, I spent 12 days exploring the numerous waterfalls along the Columbia River on both the Washington and Oregon side. First waterfall I explored was Panther Creek Falls, which is a 130-foot waterfall on Panther Creek in the Wind River Valley in Skamania County, Washington. I arrived here very early in the morning and scramble down the step cliff. The coordinates are 45°52’01.2″N 121°49’43.5″W, and was very easy to find. There are two waterfalls in this location and you just need to be careful since the some of the trail is steep and slippery in a few places. But is a must see waterfall on the Washington side of the gorge.

Lower Lewis River Falls

Located here 46°09’16.4″N 121°52’49.1″W, Lower Lewis River Falls is a 200 ft wide cascade. Directions: From Cougar, Washington drive east on Highway 503 for about 33 miles to the campground. Just past the Pine Creek Information Center the highway intersects with Forest Road 25. Keep right at this intersection and stay on Highway […]

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