Exploring the great state of Arkansas on my waterfall hunts. Can’t believe I have put this area on the back burner for so long. but my plan is to go there once every month right up into the fall season for the fall colors. The first trip was an easy one to kinda break into it all. We stopped by and photographed a small waterfall called Haw creek Falls. Then went on to an area called Six Finger Falls, Falling Water Falls and finally Fuzzy Butt falls. Check often as the next trip will add more images to the collection. Will place all my GPS locations here as well for you to write down.

Eden Falls near Ponca in the Hidden Valley area

Eden Falls, Hidden Valley, Ozark Mountains of Arkansas – USA

Eden Falls near Ponca in the Hidden Valley area.

Can’t say enough about this place. it’s beautiful and you can spend your entire day here photographing water falls in this area as well as spots along the way to the main falls. Eden Falls is in the Buffalo National River Park. The town of Ponca is very small but plenty of canoe rental places here for a float trip down the Buffalo River.

It’s a moderate hike to see the main falls here. When we arrived the area was saturated with rain with more on the way. So the high cliffs that surround Eden Falls had numerous other waterfalls all along the trail.

Triple Falls near Camp Orr Arkansas

Sometimes called Twin Falls because of the lack or rain, Triple Falls near Camp Orr will get you pretty wet with the spray it produces. It’s an easy hike to see Triple Falls but the trail is pretty muddy here. I’ve seen many photos of this waterfall but we hit Triple Falls at its peak and were rewarded pretty well with what we saw. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas. if you are in the Buffalo River area, this is a must see.

Glory Hole Falls, Ozark Mountains of Arkansas – USA

Glory Hole Falls, Ozark Mountains of Arkansas – USA

Glory Hole Falls

Liles Falls is just north of Jasper off HWY 7. It’s an easy hike to get to the top of the falls. But getting down is tricky especially if it is real muddy. It had rained hard the day before and I think we were all surprised at how much water had already drain off from other waterfalls we visited the day before. Just goes to show that most of the beautiful waterfall images you see from the Arkansas area are right after a big storm has come through. We still had plenty of water to make a decent shot of the area.