Some of My Own Canyonlands Travels, The Needles District


I have traveled to the Canyonlands National Park now 5 different times. My first trip I was like the rest of the tourists and only visited Island in the Sky. A big disappointment when you get back and find out what you missed by not going to the Needles District. But my next trip I spent a lot of my time in the Needles District. I had just bought a Trooper 4×4 and was ready to do some major offroading and explore the renown Elephant Hill.

I was alone this trip for two weeks. And looking back at some of the stunts I pulled on this trip I can truly say I was an idiot. You should not climb slick rock in a car alone. But I did it anyway and was lucky. Over 1,000 miles away from home and no spare parts for my truck I truly tested my limits going over the Elephant Hill and other areas like the Colorado River Overlook and Horse Canyon. There were several times I had to get out to see how to navigate […]

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Vila Velha State Park – Brazilian Landscapes


The Vila Velha State Park, near Ponta Grossa, Brazil, is famous for its strange prehistoric looking limestone sculptured rocks. Nick named the “lost stone city,” sentinel-like sandstone figures resembling animals, humans and other shapes that can been seen in these unique formations. The strange rock formations are the result of sand deposits from when glaciers covered the area between 300 and 400 million years ago.

We stopped here on our way back from Iguazu Falls to Sao Paulo and stayed in the town of Ponta Grossa for the night. At the crack of dawn, we drove to the park only to be disappointed that they did not open until 8:30am. Seems all the parks I visited are not photographer friendly. Open at 8:30 and close at 6pm. This ruins the red warm light I am always looking for with my photography. But luckily we had thick fog that morning which made for some interesting photos. And I was still able to get some of the warm morning light after […]

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Old Church of Picher Oklahoma


Spent the weekend doing night photography and time lapse in northern Oklahoma. This old church is in Picher Oklahoma as the title says. Most of this town is gone. A modern old ghost town and I really do not know how much longer this church will be standing.

Once a bustling mining town, the lead contamination left overs has cause the area to be listed under the Superfund clean up site. And most of what you will see here in this town are old slab foundations and gutted buildings.

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Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls


Over the summer, I spent 12 days exploring the numerous waterfalls along the Columbia River on both the Washington and Oregon side. First waterfall I explored was Panther Creek Falls, which is a 130-foot waterfall on Panther Creek in the Wind River Valley in Skamania County, Washington. I arrived here very early in the morning and scramble down the step cliff. The coordinates are 45°52’01.2″N 121°49’43.5″W, and was very easy to find. There are two waterfalls in this location and you just need to be careful since the some of the trail is steep and slippery in a few places. But is a must see waterfall on the Washington side of the gorge.

Lower Lewis River Falls

Located here 46°09’16.4″N 121°52’49.1″W, Lower Lewis River Falls is a 200 ft wide cascade. Directions: From Cougar, Washington drive east on Highway 503 for about 33 miles to the campground. Just past the Pine Creek Information Center the highway intersects with Forest Road 25. Keep right at this intersection and stay on Highway […]

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Traveling California Pacific Coast Highway 1


New images are up along with GPS coordinates of some good photographic spots along the California Coastline, Pacific Coast highway 1. Some are common and some are not. I had only 5 days to scout the area for another upcoming trip but came away with a lot of great images.

Areas I got to photograph were areas around San Francisco at night, Bowling Ball Beach, Mendocino, Goat Rock State Park, Coastal spots north of Bodega Bay, McWay Falls, Big Sur, Pfeiffer Beach and the coastline around Santa Cruz.

McWay Falls was the real highlight of the trip as I ended this journey, getting very clears skies that evening and on into the night. I then went back to Pfeiffer Beach for more night shots, but the fog was starting to roll in and obscure the night sky.

Bowling Ball Beach was one of my main focal points on this trip. Unfortunately as I flew in the previous night, I spent too much time photographing areas in San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. As time was […]

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Exploring Colorado


Every summer, my dad and I take a trip fly fishing and exploring for photography spots, we have used Colorado for 6 different summers. My wife and I travel there often as well. Here are just a few of my stories from the area.

First up in Forest Lakes on Rollins Pass in the James Peaks Wilderness area. Third attempt at a night shot here as several times earlier, I arrived in late spring or too early in the summer to reach it due to snow drifts still blocking the way up. On the final attempt, I brought the hammock and slept right beside the lake and camera doing night shots and time-laps. Was still pretty cold camping right beside the lake.

Crystal Mill near Marble is one of the most photographed spots in Colorado. Best time to shoot it would be during fall colors but I traveled to this are during mid summer. Another couple made the trip with the wife and I and we camped very close by. As always I was down […]

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Thor’s Well


Thor’s Well is part of Cape Perpetua on central Oregon Coast. Also called Spouting Horn by some, Thor’s Well was created over time by the constant crashing of the oceans waves that carved out an underwater channel. The waves crash over the open pit and funnel back through the channel back into the sea. It is actually a huge salt water fountain operated by the Pacific Ocean’s power.

Thor’s Well is at its best when it’s the most dangerous to watch, at high tide or during winter. You should plan on getting wet if you are here at high tide. Check out your local high tide charts to plan on optimum conditions. I was lucky enough to have high tide coincide with sunset.

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Exploring Idaho and the Sawtooth Mountains


Three of us were up at the crack of dawn to begin our hike to hell roaring Lake. Our original plan was to hike up to Alice Lake, but was called off due to deep snow still on the trail. This was still mid July and there was still too much snow pack on that trail. So we settled for Hell roaring Lake.

Round trip this hike is about 10 miles with 607 feet of elevation gain. We started out at the Hell Roaring Creek trail head. The trail starts out with a series of switch backs which finally levels off for most of the way on to the lake. You are pretty much following to the right of Hell Roaring creek most of the way with a series of marsh bogs full of mosquitoes attacking you most of the time. They were really bad this year and never let up and were even worse at the lake. Take a few cans of repellent, because you are going to use every bit of it.

I seem to always be overloaded with gear […]

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Burney Falls, McCloud Falls, Hedge Creek Falls and Mossbrae Falls


Took a whirlwind trip to see some waterfalls in northern California. Basically flew into Sacramento, rented a car and drove all night to get this trip started. I arrived at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park at 4:30am and started shooting around 5am. No sleep from Thursday night on. I had too much to do and too much to see.

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