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The Oregon Coastline Trip


Several trips now exploring the Oregon coast. We typically fly into Portland and drive from Portland to Bandon over night to get the first light of sunrise. Then drive on to stay near Brookings, Oregon and work our way up the coastline.

The light for the Bandon sunrise was a bit of a disappointment one one of our trips. Too much fog, but it was still a surreal setting and this just means I will have to come back again for another trip along the coastline. Second trip the light was pretty epic.

We traveled from Brookings all the way up the coastline to Cannon Beach on our first trip. For the most part we had perfect weather and I was up at 5am everyday for the sunrise and was also shooting well into the evening for those fantastic sunsets.

Areas we got to explore include Harris beach, Lone Ranch, Whalehead Beach, Arch Rock, Natural Bridges, Samual Boardman Scenic Corridor, Hunters Cove, Cape Sebastian, Bandon Beach, Heceta Head Lighthouse, Cooks Chasm, Devil’s Cauldron, Yachats, Seal Rock, Yaquina Head […]

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Thor’s Well


Thor’s Well is part of Cape Perpetua on central Oregon Coast. Also called Spouting Horn by some, Thor’s Well was created over time by the constant crashing of the oceans waves that carved out an underwater channel. The waves crash over the open pit and funnel back through the channel back into the sea. It is actually a huge salt water fountain operated by the Pacific Ocean’s power.

Thor’s Well is at its best when it’s the most dangerous to watch, at high tide or during winter. You should plan on getting wet if you are here at high tide. Check out your local high tide charts to plan on optimum conditions. I was lucky enough to have high tide coincide with sunset.

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