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Vila Velha State Park – Brazilian Landscapes


The Vila Velha State Park, near Ponta Grossa, Brazil, is famous for its strange prehistoric looking limestone sculptured rocks. Nick named the “lost stone city,” sentinel-like sandstone figures resembling animals, humans and other shapes that can been seen in these unique formations. The strange rock formations are the result of sand deposits from when glaciers covered the area between 300 and 400 million years ago.

We stopped here on our way back from Iguazu Falls to Sao Paulo and stayed in the town of Ponta Grossa for the night. At the crack of dawn, we drove to the park only to be disappointed that they did not open until 8:30am. Seems all the parks I visited are not photographer friendly. Open at 8:30 and close at 6pm. This ruins the red warm light I am always looking for with my photography. But luckily we had thick fog that morning which made for some interesting photos. And I was still able to get some of the warm morning light after […]

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Iguassu Falls, Brazil and Argentina


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Iguassu Falls, Brazil – Iguazu Falls, Argentina (Iguazú Falls)
My trip to Iguassu Falls in Brazil was definitely and adventure. We flew out of Dallas Texas on an 11 hour flight to Sao Paulo Brazil. I rented a car there and navigated the nightmarish traffic jams of a city with 17 million people. We finally made it to my wife’s families’ house on the other side of the city, got acquainted and rested for the next few days of travel. The next day we packed up the car with family members and headed out on what we thought would be a 19 hour drive across the country of Brazil. I got lost several times trying to get to the highway that would lead us out of the city. But eventually found BR 116 that would take us to the city of Curitiba and connect to BR 277 for most of the rest of the journey.

Things were pretty uneventful for most of the way there. But on the west side […]

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