New night photography and light painting workshop in Texas will be held on the weekends throughout 2014.

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Next organized group Light painting and night photography class will be for two nights at a farm near Calvert Texas as well as other locations near Calvert June 21st.

The farm consists of several old buildings and cars on the property. The owners have been very generous in the past with allowing me access and use of their Model T as well as their 1950’s era farm truck as props.

You will walk away from this workshop with the knowledge to master your own night photography and light painting techniques using various traditional and unorthodox light painting methods.

Those wishing to stay at a bed and breakfast are recommended to book at the Hammond House. This is not included in the price of the workshop but is simply a great recommendation. You may want it to have a place to rest during the day. They offer a home style breakfast and dinner while you stay there. The rest of us can camp out at the farm.

Light Painting Photography Lessons and Workshops in Texas


Deadline for registration is June 1st. Checks may be sent as well as using paypal.

Classes are small to make sure the individual attention is given to those taking the workshop.
Only 5 spots left so sign up today!

Contact Keith Kapple @ 972-439-7631 for more info.

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