White Mesa Arch in Arizona was on my bucket list for this winters desert trip. Adding to my collection of American Southwest Photography collection, this was my last stop on a long cold 9 day excursion into the desert southwest. This was trip number 16 for me exploring the four corners region. Though I have been to the northern New Mexico area numerous times, I do not include those trips into this number. Each time I leave the area, I think to myself, I hope I can come back next year. So for almost every trip, I treat it like it will be my last and cram as many locations as possible in to my itinerary, driving myself to exhaustion.

Sunset was uneventful since there were no clouds. And I was fine with that since this winter trip was all about night photography and doing star trails. Typically on my winter trips, I try and plan it around the phases of the moon because I have more time to photograph at night than I do during the day. So during winter trips, I am shooting from sunset, all night, and sunrise. Then drive to the next location and try and get some rest before I repeat this.

The winter trip of 2014 and 2015 stretch from just after Christmas and into the new year and mainly covered just Arizona Landscapes. I did venture into Utah for a few shots but mainly stayed in Arizona this time.