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The Chalk Pyramids and Monument Rocks in Kansas


I got to spend Halloween way out in far western Kansas this past weekend at The Chalk Pyramids and Monument Rocks. This was my second trip out there. The first trip was during the summer months on a moonless night to photograph the milky way. For lighting up the rocks we used plain old Coleman lanterns. We spent two nights out there photographing as much as possible.

During our second trip, we had planned on doing a nice photography workshop out of Dallas Texas and go first to Lighthouse rock formation at Palo Duro Canyon. Then head to Monument Rocks in Kansas the next day. But it was turning into an overcast day there so we decided to head on into Kansas.

We had a half moon which is perfect to help light the landscapes without the need of all the lighting gear I carry with me. We spent the first part of the night shooting stills and then set up the cameras to shot time laps and got a lot of good shots with start trails.

It’s a nine hour drive to reach the Monument Rocks National […]

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New Mexico Landscapes, The Badlands


Over Labor day weekend I put on a Photography workshop out of Dallas Texas and took a group of photographers on a 13 hour drive to the Badlands of New Mexico. Our destination was The Ah-shi-sle-pah Badlands, The King of Wings and Aztec Arch also known as Cox Canyon Arch in north central New Mexico.

We had some nice clouds for a good sunset, and since I was not real happy with my shots at sunset during my first trip to Ah-shi-sle-pah, we headed there first and shot on into the night. We were smart and breadcrumber our way from the car with glow sticks so we could find our way back easily. But I also had a GPS as well as night vision, so I was not too worried. But for those of you who might not have night vision or a GPS, glow sticks are a pretty smart idea to use if your out at night.

Alien City, New Mexico Badlands

Next we did a short drive out and hiked to […]

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