The place is known by three different names. The correct name is Devils Fire. Some call it Hobgoblins, and some have called it Little Finland. I will not get into why it has so many names. Just know that the correct name for this location is called Devils Fire.

The location is south of Mesquite Nevada and will take you about two hours to get to the spot for you to start hiking. The ridge faces the west, but that does not mean it has to be a sunset shot, early morning light hitting the clouds behind the formations would really interest me more.

I happen to get here just in front of the winter storm that hit across the country around Christmas. My intent was to stay here over night and shoot not only sunset but sun rise and do some night time photography. It started clouding up pretty bad and I got a few peaks between the clouds. But my gut was telling me to move on and get out. I really had no idea of the impending snow storm that was coming up on me. I actually left here and went on to Bryce Canyon and got stuck there a few days. But better there than here.

There is quiet a bit of off roading for you to be able to get here. Nothing too extreme, but you will need high clearance and 4WD to get through some deep sand in some spots. The area is very fragile. And I can understand why a lot of people do not want this location getting out. But if everyone kept there locations a secret, then most of them would stay unknown. Plus I think it helps the photography community as a whole when more people can go and see these remote areas. So if you decide to venture out this way, please do not touch the rock formations. You can already see a lot of damage to the area, be it from other people or just natural erosion.