Landscape Photography

I believe in the spirit of sharing my locations of God’s creation so that all can see them for themselves. Most of my galleries will have directions to these hard to find locations. If my info has helped you, please be respectful of these fragile formations for others to come and see on their own journeys. Click on my facebook, Twitter or Google+ links to follow and keep up on where I may go next as well. 15 years of traveling to many National Parks and other remote locations make up these photo galleries. I go twice, sometimes three times a year for one to two weeks at a time camping and hiking Gods great country. I am truly amazed at the wonders I have come across. Photographs do not really areas like this justice. It would be a shame if a person went through life and never ventured into these landscapes. I will be adding more info and GPS coordinates to some of the locations in the hopes that those who come across my galleries will be inspired to go and see for themselves. Feel free to email me for any info you may need for your own travels. Also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I will always reply back with any info that may help you find an area of interest for your own travels.