photo surrealism illustrations

Latest photoshop illustrations have been created and uploaded to the online store. These will also be the next illustrations sold through Super Stock.

These latest photo surrealism illustrations were influenced by the imagery of Jerry Uelsmann, one of the greatest photo surrealists of our time. But he did it the hard way. No computer for him back then. He did it all in the dark room with pin registration printing. Sometimes up to 8 different enlargers.

I started trying this when I was taking photography in college at OU. And it was difficult to get an image to turn out right let alone come up with a good concept. I blasted through a whole pack of 11 x 14 during the early stages. But eventually got the technique down well enough that there was not so much waste on my end.

Thank God for the computer today. But knowing how Jerry Uelsmann pioneered this technique and style gives me more appreciation to what he and the early ad agencies had to go through.