Often over looked, much less heard of from most people are the Burnham Badlands just west of the Bisti Badlands.  These formations extend for several miles along the edge of a low plateau, bordering the south side of Brimhall Wash, a minor drainage that leads to the Chaco River.



We made our way out here in total darkness on our way to hike other places in Arizona. There was no moon at this time during the early morning hours, By studying Google Earth, I had found a location that looked promising and marked it on my gps. Using my night vision gear, we made our way into the Badlands and hiking around 2 miles to the main hoodoo formations.



Best way to reach this location is to head north from I-40 on either HWY 491 or HWY 371 until you reach Indian Service RTE 5. Head south on ISR 5080 to these coordinates and park. 36.337472, -108.446953. The Hoodoo formations I photographed are located in this area. 36.341506, -108.444618